Sunday, January 13, 2013

Can Anti Cellulite Shorts Actually Reduce Cellulite?

If you are one of 90% of all women who 'suffer' from the appearance of cellulite on their buttocks, thighs and abdominal areas, you're probably dreading going out to the beach or the pool this summer because you don't want anyone to see your unsightly cellulite. You are obviously not alone!

But why should you punish yourself because of a normal anatomical condition of a woman's body? There are many effective treatments that can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite while improving skin and muscle tone, as well as flush out harmful toxins from of your system.

Of course, all the health experts recommend a healthy low cal, low fat diet, and regular cardio, strength training and anaerobic exercise. There are hundreds of topical creams, lotions and gels that can improve your situation. There's also a few weird but expensive techniques such as indothermie and mesotherapy. If you're really desperate and you have really deep pockets, there's always liposuction. Or there's a relatively new development in the cellulite reduction industry that you might want to try first.

What Is It?

Compression therapy has been around for a while and is useful in keeping the body warm during various physical activities such as running or cycling in inclement weather. Compression shorts also work to reduce inflammation of sore muscles and inhibit further injury. This type of apparel can also be used as an effective cellulite reduction therapy. Cellulite reduction shorts are a snug, form fitting garment worn alone or underneath other clothing. These anti cellulite pants can improve your skin tone while you go about your normal daily routine. However, you don't have to wear cellulite reduction shorts during the day if you don't want to. Many women only wear anti cellulite shorts to bed rather than all day long.

What Do They Do?

Compression apparel marketed as anti cellulite pants can shape your troublesome cellulite areas, including the upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Cellulite reduction shorts are constructed of micro-massaging fabric which improves blood circulation and heats up the targeted cellulite areas. With the added heat, cellulite fat cells break down, circulation improves, and toxins & excess fluids are flushed away more easily.

Are They Effective?

Squeezing the fat cells improves the overall appearance of cellulite and creates a smoother, more toned appearance. However, you need to wear the cellulite reduction shorts for hours at a time in order to see a noticeable difference. Some brands of anti cellulite pants feature fabrics infused with special lotions and skin conditioners, but these disappear after about six wearings. Significant cellulite reduction is noticeable after 30 days if the shorts are worn at least three or four times a week, but these results are temporary. Unless you continue wearing anti cellulite pants, your cellulite is bound to return.

Are They Worth The Cost?

With a price tag ranging from $50 to $70 dollars per pair, anti cellulite pants may well be worth the cost for those looking to gain dramatic results leading up to a special occasion such as a beach party. If you're trying to achieve extended results for a vacation lasting a week or more, wear them as much as possible before and during the vacation, including in the hotel room. Compression style cellulite reduction shorts are most effective when worn in conjunction with strengthening, toning and fat burning exercises.
Reducing body fat with fat burning aerobic exercise combined with toning exercises that targets your cellulite prone body parts is still the best method of how to get rid of cellulite, however. Cellulite is a normal female characteristic as are breasts and wider hips. Healthy habits including a nutritious low-fat diet and regular moderate exercise are far more effective fat reduction methods in the long run, and will only improve the results you gain with expensive garments, anti cellulite creams or gels and weird procedures.

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