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Can Anti Cellulite Shorts Actually Reduce Cellulite?

If you are one of 90% of all women who 'suffer' from the appearance of cellulite on their buttocks, thighs and abdominal areas, you're probably dreading going out to the beach or the pool this summer because you don't want anyone to see your unsightly cellulite. You are obviously not alone!

But why should you punish yourself because of a normal anatomical condition of a woman's body? There are many effective treatments that can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite while improving skin and muscle tone, as well as flush out harmful toxins from of your system.

Of course, all the health experts recommend a healthy low cal, low fat diet, and regular cardio, strength training and anaerobic exercise. There are hundreds of topical creams, lotions and gels that can improve your situation. There's also a few weird but expensive techniques such as indothermie and mesotherapy. If you're really desperate and you have really deep pockets, there's always liposuction. Or there's a relatively new development in the cellulite reduction industry that you might want to try first.

What Is It?

Compression therapy has been around for a while and is useful in keeping the body warm during various physical activities such as running or cycling in inclement weather. Compression shorts also work to reduce inflammation of sore muscles and inhibit further injury. This type of apparel can also be used as an effective cellulite reduction therapy. Cellulite reduction shorts are a snug, form fitting garment worn alone or underneath other clothing. These anti cellulite pants can improve your skin tone while you go about your normal daily routine. However, you don't have to wear cellulite reduction shorts during the day if you don't want to. Many women only wear anti cellulite shorts to bed rather than all day long.

What Do They Do?

Compression apparel marketed as anti cellulite pants can shape your troublesome cellulite areas, including the upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Cellulite reduction shorts are constructed of micro-massaging fabric which improves blood circulation and heats up the targeted cellulite areas. With the added heat, cellulite fat cells break down, circulation improves, and toxins & excess fluids are flushed away more easily.

Are They Effective?

Squeezing the fat cells improves the overall appearance of cellulite and creates a smoother, more toned appearance. However, you need to wear the cellulite reduction shorts for hours at a time in order to see a noticeable difference. Some brands of anti cellulite pants feature fabrics infused with special lotions and skin conditioners, but these disappear after about six wearings. Significant cellulite reduction is noticeable after 30 days if the shorts are worn at least three or four times a week, but these results are temporary. Unless you continue wearing anti cellulite pants, your cellulite is bound to return.

Are They Worth The Cost?

With a price tag ranging from $50 to $70 dollars per pair, anti cellulite pants may well be worth the cost for those looking to gain dramatic results leading up to a special occasion such as a beach party. If you're trying to achieve extended results for a vacation lasting a week or more, wear them as much as possible before and during the vacation, including in the hotel room. Compression style cellulite reduction shorts are most effective when worn in conjunction with strengthening, toning and fat burning exercises.
Reducing body fat with fat burning aerobic exercise combined with toning exercises that targets your cellulite prone body parts is still the best method of how to get rid of cellulite, however. Cellulite is a normal female characteristic as are breasts and wider hips. Healthy habits including a nutritious low-fat diet and regular moderate exercise are far more effective fat reduction methods in the long run, and will only improve the results you gain with expensive garments, anti cellulite creams or gels and weird procedures.

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What Is Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment? Does It Work?

Current research indicates that 85% of women over the age of 35 have visible deposits of cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. While cellulite is not a medical problem, it has been known to negatively affect a woman’s self image and self esteem. Some women are willing to pay any price to be relieved of this condition, yet cosmetic surgery for cellulite removal is only performed on the lower abdomen in a procedure known as an abdomoplasty, AKA the tummy tuck.

At a price of $7,000 to $9,500 or more, such surgery is cost prohibitive for many women. As with any type of major surgery, a tummy tuck requires anesthesia and poses significant health risks. Fortunately there are non-surgical procedures that can help eliminate this dimpling of skin known as cellulite. One such procedure, originating in France, is ionithermie cellulite reduction.

What Is Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction?

Proponents of ionithermie therapy claim it produces rapid and dramatic results. While it does not permanently eliminates cellulite, ionithermie is an effective short term therapy that can reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly. This remedy works by using a unique combination of algae and other natural ingredients with a thermal clay to insulate affected areas. Then, a series of electrical stimulations are applied. Faradic and galvanic stimulation are the two varieties of electrical current utilized to stimulate affected skin and fat cells.

This procedure is applied in a spa or clinic setting by a certified or licensed technician, who can modify stimulation to a level that that is most comfortable for you,

How Well Does It Work?

The advantages of ionithermie cellulite reduction are numerous. It increases blood circulation which helps to eliminate fluid retention and shrink cellulite fat cells, which leads to smoother appearing skin. This treatment will also detoxify skin cells, while improving skin texture and revealing increased muscle tone. Recent scientific studies have indicated that ionithermie cellulite reductionn may offer other significant health benefits as well.

Test subjects who have undergone ionithermie therapy in conjunction with a weight loss program lost significantly more weight than test subjects who did not receive the treatments. Furthermore, some individuals have claimed losing eight inches of overall mass after just one ionithermie session. While this claim may be a slight exaggeration, the data does indicate that weight loss can be achieved while undergoing ionithermie cellulite reduction therapy.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with any kind of spa treatment or therapy, ionithermie reduction may incur some side effects; the most common of which is reddened or irritated skin.. These minor inconveniences can appear after one treatment, but they disappear within a few, hours.

After the initial treatment, many folks are pleasantly surprised with their results. Nonetheless, it is important to realize that several treatments will be required to assess the overall effectiveness of ionithermie cellulite reduction. Also, to sustain these results over the long term, continued therapy sessions and/or diet and lifestyle modifications will most likely be required.

How Much Does It Cost?

Deciding whether or not ionithermie cellulite reduction is right for you may be as simple as calculating the price. Although each session may cost $130 to $180, one must take into account the effectiveness of ionithermie therapy, and how much money may be saved because you won't be wasting it on less effective topical treatments and/or medical procedures. If you are looking for an anti-cellulite treatment that really works; if you're willing to make the commitment for 6 to 8 weekly sessions to achieve maximum results; and if you're serious about employing some supportive diet and exercise plans to improve your results to the maximum level, you may want to consider ionithermie reduction therapy as the preferred solution to your cellulite problem.

As is usually the case when considering health & beauty products or procedures. it is advisable to obtain as much information as possible about this procedure, so that you can make an educated decision when deciding if ionithermie cellulite reduction is the right plan for you.

5 Tips for How to Treat Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite is a condition characterized by fatty deposits which cause the appearance of dimpled skin on the thighs, buttocks, hips, upper arm and stomach. It occurs most frequently in women, but some men also develop cellulite. Everyone with cellulite are looking for ways to get rid of it. This article details a step-by-step approach to treating cellulite naturally.

Step 1 Understand the Facts About Cellulite.

Cellulite is a misunderstood condition, and one of the best methods of how to treat cellulite naturally is to educate your self regarding the facts. One most common myth is that cellulite is a indicator of obesity. Not true! While excess body fat can accentuate the appearance of cellulite, even slender, physically fit female athletes can have visible signs of cellulite, which occurs in 90 to 95 percent of all women over the age of 20. Cellulite fat is similar to other body fat, but it is located among fibrous connective tissue called septae.

In women, this stringy tissue forms honeycomb-shaped compartments where cellulite fat accumulates. As these fat cells press against the skin, dimples appear where septae is attached. There are hormonal factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. These include including insulin resistance and fluctuating estrogen levels caused by puberty, pregnancy and the three phases of menstruation. You can help your body regulate these fluctuations by taking a hormone-balancing supplement such as black cohosh, hops and herbal isoflavinoids.

Step 2 Boost Your Metabolism With Exercise

Increasing your ability to burn fat requires increasing your total muscle mass because muscles burn more fat than any other type of tissue. Aanother way of how to treat cellulite naturally is to participate in muscle-building exercises regularly. Three days per week or more is optimal. Another reason to boost your metabolism is this; as it revs up, your body becomes more sensitive to insulin, causing these levels to go down.

This is important, because high insulin levesl interfere with the breakdown of fat in cellulite-prone areas. Higher metabolism levels also burn more fat even when you’re at rest. To supplement oxygen supply, increase your metabolism, and minimize the appearance of cellulite, undertake 45 minutes of aerobic exercise five to seven days a week.

Step 3 Reduce Fluid Retention and Inflammation

Biopsies reveal that cellulite fat cells are swollen with excess fluids, unlike other fat cells. Studies have shown the average diet of affluent cultures in North America and Western Europe to be substantially higher in carbohydrates than the typical diet in second and third world countries. Starchy diets predispose women to type 2 diabetes, increase fluid retention and contribute to cellulite development.

One excellent technique of how to treat cellulite naturally is to follow a Mediterranean style diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and coldwater fish such as tuna or salmon - which are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

Step 4 Boost Your Collagen

Abundant levels of strong, healthy collagen will inhibit the appearance of orange peel textured skin by maintaining skin’s thickness and tone. To implement this way of how to treat cellulite naturally, make sure that you are getting enough of these collagen-boosting nutrients from your diet and taking a multi-vitamin/multi mineral supplement every day.

These are some of the most important nutrients that support strong, healthy cellulite free skin; along with their recommended daily allowances:

Alpha lipoic acid - 25 mg.
Bioflavonoid -100 to 300 mg.
Biotin - 2,500 mcg.
N-acetyl glucosamine - 500 mg.
Rutin - 400 mg twice daily.
Silicon - 4 mg.
Vitamin C - 1,000 mg

Without adequate levels of these nutrients, your body will produce poor quality collagen that will be broken down more easily. Research indicates that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) will boost collagen levels while inhibiting the growth of fat cells. Doctors and nutritionists recommend getting 1,000 mg of CLA three times a day, taken with meals.

Step 5 Professional Treatment

It's nice to be pampered once in a while - and if such pampering results in cellulite free skin, so much the better! You might enjoy indulge in professional treatment for your cellulite. There are a variety of hands-on treatments available for cellulite reduction. These include endothermic, mesotherapy, massage rollers, and if you're really desperate and willing to pay any price; there's always surgery.

However, it is important to remember liposuction is not indicated for the removal of cellulite, and an abdomoplasty - commonly called a tummy tuck - only eliminates abdominal fat. Non invasive treatments are more natura remedies to massage the skin in cellulite prone areas, to increase circulation and metabolism, increase collagen production and redistribute fat cells.

5 Best Ways To Prevent Cellulite

Mention the word 'cellulite,' and you will strike fear in the hearts of most women, for good reason! Cellulite is not only an embarrassing condition, most of society considers it unsightly as well. Cellulite is actually normal, garden variety fat that sets itself apart from other body fat by creates a dimpled effect under the skin known as “cottage cheese thighs,” or “orange peel butt.” The presence of cellulite can prevent you from wearing revealing summer clothes or beach wear, so that no one will see your unlovely cellulite.

Although 95% of women develop cellulite, only about 15% of men get it. Women usually start to develop cellulite during and/or after puberty, in the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and breasts. Many women want to know if there is any way to prevent cellulite from forming. Although cellulite can't be completely eliminated, you can reduce it's appearance and prevent cellulite from getting worse by using these 5 natural ways to prevent cellulite..

One ~ Learn What Causes Cellulite

There are several factors that contribute to the formation of cellulite. These include heredity, hormonal fluctuations, dietary influences and a sedentary lifestyle. When the body takes in more dietary energy than it burns up, that excess energy is stored in fat cells. Cellulite fat is located under the skin in target areas, among the fibrous tissue known as septae, which holds skin to muscles. As these fat cells grow, they bulge out against the skin forming the bumpy surfaces that occur with cellulite. This appearance is made worse by poor blood circulation and water retention, which affects the buildup of toxins and wastes within the cellulite fat cells.

Two ~ Drink More Water

Skin care specialists, health care professionals and nutritionists alike support increasing your water intake as one of the natural ways to prevent cellulite and improve overall health. Although further study is needed to prove these benefits from a scientific viewpoint, many experts theorize that cellulite is caused by a combination of water, fat and toxins retained by the body.

Increased water intake improves this situation by reducing water retention and flushing toxins from the body. Sufficient water consumption is an important factor in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, which will prevent the accumulation of excess fat that contributes to the development of cellulite.

Three ~ Increase Blood Circulation

The retention of excess fluids and toxins within the fat cells is thought to be the result of poor blood flow in cellulite prone areas. This may inhibit the body's ability to burn cellulite fat efficiently. Problem areas such as the buttocks and thighs may be affected by a sedentary lifestyle and other factors that may reduce blood circulation.

There are a number of ways to prevent cellulite that can improve blood circulation to these trouble spots. These include massage, stretching exercises such as yoga, cardiovascular exercises that increase heart rate, muscle strengthening exercises that improve tone and burn excess fat; as well as hydrothermal therapy such as saunas and body wraps.

Four ~ Quit Smoking

While premature aging and increased risk of lung cancer are two of the most well known effects of cigarette smoking, this unhealthy habit has also been linked with thinning skin, damaged connective tissues and the constriction of blood capillaries – all of which contribute to the lumpy appearance of cellulite.

If you do smoke, seek out effective ways to break this habit as soon as possible to help prevent cellulite and other health risks.

Five ~ Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

A sedentary way of life can affect the development or worsening appearance of cellulite due to decreased blood circulation and increased body fat. To utilize moderate exercise as one part of the many ways to prevent cellulite, you can start by incorporating beneficial activities into your daily routine. If you have a desk job, stand up and stretch periodically throughout your work day.

Take brisk walks during your breaks, and/or take the stairs instead of the elevator every chance you get. Follow a healthy diet that includes all the necessary nutrients your body needs, while reducing or eliminating trans fats and salty, sugary or processed foods that can be harmful to your health.